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You want to join us? All you have to do is complete our Membership Application Form!

Membership is free.


Your generous donation would support us keep our association alive. It would help with costs related to location rent, events' decoration, communication and promotion both online and offline. 


We are happy to give you something in return.


Deposit your donation to bank account number BE41 0018 4694 8910 stating 'DONATION - First name + name - your contact details'

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Spread the word
  • Show us your support on social media #matchbxl

  • Spread the word about our events to your network

  • Help us find sponsorships and partnerships

Share your superpower

Would you like to help us with creating awesome events?


If so, what’s your super power? Maybe you like to welcome people, or you are a communication / marketing freak, a dope writer, a computer nerd, light and sound technician, an energetic networker, a bartender, fashion expert, an artist, a rad photographer, a cameraman / woman, a doctor, a Mr./Mrs Fix-It, an accountant with a sense of entrepreneurship, a kick ass sales person, some sort of coach, super(wo)man that wants to help build or break down, or something else but you want to help Match ... Let us know!

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